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Clinical Cardiac Imaging: SPECT vs. PET

This webinar will focus on SPECT vs. PET specifically in Clinical Cardiac Imaging. We're excited to have Erica Bush presenting with us! You won't want to miss this one.

MRSO Safety Training

Webinar (CE)

When it comes to MR Safety and making sure patients are not placed in harms way, what is the level of confidence you are making the right decision? Also, are you assessing risk to your patient appropriately and following the best practices in the field? 

This course is designed to address situations that you have or will encounter in the field as well as discuss everything found on the ABMRS syllabus.

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February 20th

February 13th

February 27th

MIPS 2018 Webinar

Even though the 2017 Reporting Period submission window has already opened, it’s still not too late to be able to comply with MIPS and avoid penalties. The challenge is knowing what options are available to you at this time and how to take advantage of them. MIPS is a complicated point based program that requires providers to shift from a volume to value based care model or incur significant penalties. Health eFilings MIPS Accelerator is a cloud-based software solution that is a completely automated, end-to-end electronic service that can help you earn points for purposes of 2017 reporting. The service can extract, format and submit Quality Measure data to CMS to ensure maximum MIPS points are earned. And it doesn’t require any administrative or IT support so you can spend your time helping patients. Join us for this free webinar on how to comply with MIPS for 2017.


February 8th


Creating a Healthy Workforce by Eliminating Bully and Incivility

Bullying and Incivility in the workplace has never been more of a problem than it is in healthcare today.  Dr. Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, is an adult clinical practice and professional development expert. After more than 25 years as a clinical nurse, nurse educator and nurse executive, Renee has become one of our country’s leading authorities on workplace bullying, clinical competence and healthcare culture. In this course, Dr. Thompson clarifies what is and what is NOT bullying.


April 24th

Fall 2019  Schedule

- 9/10 - 
Turner Talk: Billing/Coding for Imaging Procedures; 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
- 9/19 - 
Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch; 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
- 9/26 - 
Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner:  Leadership in the medical imaging field, are you a leader?

- 10/1 - 
An Overview on Organizational Theory. Who's Running this place and what are they thinking?  with Mary Cowan; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
- 10/9- 
5G Leadership: Generational Intelligence; 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)

- 10/15 - Turner Talks with Cheryl Turner:  Cross Training and Advancing Professional Credentials; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)

- Sign ups links coming soon to webinars below - 

10/15 - Images with Barb - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Community Kickoff; ; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
- 10/16 - 5G Leadership: Personal Branding & Inclusive Workplaces; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
-  10/22 - 5G Leadership: Mentoring & Organizational Culture; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
- 10/24 - 5G Leadership: Emotional Intelligence; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
- 10/29 - Turner Talks anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
- 10/30 - 5G Leadership: Body Language and Communication Skills; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)

- 10/31 - Radiation Dose Quantities in CT with William Hall; 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)

- 11/5 - CT Physics Part 1 with William Hall; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
- 11/6 - 5G Leadership: Leadership Communication; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
- 11/7 - CT Physics Part 1 with William Hall; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
- 11/12 - Images with Barb - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
- 11/13 - 5G Leadership: Body-Language Fluency; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
- 11/14 - Images with Barb - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
- 11/19 - CT Physics Part 3 with William Hal; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
- 11/20 - 5G Leadership: Resilience & Adaptability; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
- 11/21 - Turner Talk: The Value of Professional Associations and Societies; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)

- December
- 12/4 - 5G Leadership: Conflict Resolution & Ethics; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
- 12/10 - Images with Barb - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Community Kickoff; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
- 12/11 - 5G Leadership: Productivity and Time Management; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
- 12/12 - Turner Talks: Imaging - A year in review; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
- 12/19 - 5G Leadership: Dynamic Leadership & Rewards; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)
12/19 - 5G Leadership: Stakeholder Engagement; anticipated 1.0 CE Credit (ARRT/Nurse)

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