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Learn more about improving racial and ethnic health disparities.

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First Course Learning Objectives

  1. Mechanisms of how a radiopharmaceutical extravasation affects the quality and quantification of nuclear medicine imaging studies.

  2. Potential effects of a radiopharmaceutical extravasation on the interpretation of nuclear medicine studies or therapy and ensuing patient care.

  3. Primary factors (amount of and types of radiation emissions, biological clearance, and affected tissue volumes) that contribute to the absorbed dose in patient tissue and the process to characterize the absorbed dose from a radiopharmaceutical extravasation.

  4. Effects of ionizing radiation on normal tissue and when symptoms appear.

  5. Mitigation steps to reduce absorbed dose to tissue from a radiopharmaceutical extravasation.

  6. Prevention techniques to minimize the frequency of radiopharmaceutical extravasations.


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Dr. Darrell R. Fisher

A medical physicist, internal dosimetry specialist, and radiation safety professional. A past president of the Health Physics Society and past member of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Advisory Committee on the Medical Uses of Isotopes, he is currently on the faculty Washington State University.

Pam Kohl

Advocate and metastatic breast cancer thriver. Pam understands the importance of nuclear medicine - she knows a PET/CT procedure led to an early and proper diagnosis of her disease. With nuclear medicine procedures helping her clinical team also assess the effectiveness of her treatment, Pam is an advocate for nuclear medicine.

Dr. Jackson Kiser

A nuclear medicine physician and Medical Director of Molecular Imaging at Carilion Clinic in southwest Virginia. Dr. Kiser has spent the past 4 years studying nuclear medicine extravasations at three different nuclear medicine centers. He has published original research, case reports, and quality improvement projects related specifically to extravasations.

Dr. David Townsend

An IEEE Fellow and is the co-inventor of the PET/CT scanner. He is considered a leading authority on hybrid imaging systems as well as one of the pioneers of three-dimensional PET and its required reconstruction algorithms.

Event Schedule

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Dr. Lynae M. Brayboy

Welcome & Introduction

  • Introduction of Speakers
  • Information about CME

Andrew Solomon

Part 1:

  • Definition of telemedicine and telehealth
  • Insurance coverage and reimbursements for telemedicine
  • Legal implications of practicing
  • Resources for providers from Federal government

Jessica Rubino

Part 2:

  • Importance of contraception and abortion with telemedicine
  • Pros & cons of being a telemedicine practitioner
  • Incorporating telemedicine into your own practice

Jane van Dis

Part 3: 

  • How a femtech platform helps facilitate reproductive health care
  • Digital reproductive health care in the future
  • Importance of digital reproductive care in relationship to health inequities

NRC Policy Updates

Dr. Joia Crear-Perry

Part 3: The Solution

  • Perspective on Louisiana
  • Introduce NBEC and its work
  • March for Moms
  • Discuss bias that is personally experienced as a Black Physician from colleagues

Ms. Nicole Jean-Baptiste

The Solution (cont.)

  • What is a doula? What is a doula’s role in a healthcare setting?
  • How can doulas help patients?
  • How can doulas and HCPs work together to help patients?
  • Medicaid and Private Insurance coverage of doulas
  • Grassroots organization: Bronx Rebirth

Webinar Description

The state of Black Maternal health in the United States has long been known to be threatened. Black women are 3-4 more times likely to die during childbirth compared to white women (ACOG). Even when factors such as education and socioeconomic status are controlled for Black women still have highest rates. Of all pregnancies in Black women 69% are unintended (ACOG). Black women have the highest rate of mammography screening and yet the highest rate of death from breast cancer. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists summarized that research that found that factors such as stereotyping and implicit bias on the part of health care providers contribute to racial and ethnic disparities in health. Are you part of the solution or part of the problem? Join Clue’s free CME webinar to learn more about improving racial and ethnic health disparities.

This program is sponsored with an educational grant from Clue

Dr. Marjan Boerma

A radiation biologist with a research expertise in normal tissue radiation injuries. She is on the faculty at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) and is currently the director of the UAMS Division of Radiation Health.

Stephen Harris

A registered nurse, with a career focused on vascular access. He is highly skilled at both placement and instruction in insertion of multiple vascular access devices, including ultrasound guided peripheral IVs.

Nancy Warden

A vascular access expert. She has over 20 years of nursing experience and nurse leadership. She is a Board Certified NICU nurse with a bachelor's in nursing and a Master's in Business and Health Care Management.

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Radiopharmaceutical Extravasations: Expert Interviews

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Radiopharmaceutical Extravasations: Hazards, Mitigation, and Preventions 

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Radiopharmaceutical Extravasations: 

First Course: Hazards, Mitigation, and Preventions

Second Course: Expert Interviews

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